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E.S. Tooling was founded in Beringen in 1996 by Erik Schildermans, who had a background in the industry and a wealth of experience in the production of mechanical parts and molds at, amongst others, Philips, Mercedes and Melotte 3D Metal Printing & High Precision Manufacturing.

From the beginning, the focus was on turning and milling mechanical parts, small and difficult jobs – to tolerances of 5 microns or less – that others did not dare to undertake. “I immediately opted for a niche market.”

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That successful decision was soon noticed. In 2008, the American company Dentsply acquired both E.S. Tooling and E.S. Healthcare. Following the acquisition, Erik remained with Dentsply for 5 years, and replicated the technology developed by E.S. HealthCare here in Hasselt over in the US, Japan and Sweden.

However, in 2013, his entrepreneurial spirit encouraged Schildermans and his management to re-acquire E.S. Tooling and build on its success. Today, 15 highly educated and motivated people work for E.S. Tooling on the Slamstraat in Genk.

Driven by innovation

The E.S. Tooling name is today still linked with the absolute world first that the team around founder Erik Schildermans created in 2007.
Between 2004 and 2008, they were the first in the world to develop a completely tension-free jaw structure for dental prostheses. An achievement built on entrepreneurship, daring and innovation, and the result of 4 years of experimentation.

Until then, the dental prostheses – which are attached to the implants in the jaw and which carry the artificial teeth – were made by hand from various materials which were a source of friction and caused discomfort. The titanium milled dental prosthesis, with an accuracy of less than 20 microns, meant a world of difference for the patient. After its launch in 2007, it very rapidly conquered the market. This operation was acquired by the American company Dentsply in 2008.

Industry 4.0 at work

E.S. Tooling is one of the first companies with fully automated 5-axis milling machines for prototypes. Due to advanced robotization and the use of the latest software, we are able to operate 24/7.

The production of prototypes and individual parts is currently fully automated. E.S. Tooling is the front-runner in this field.
CAM software is used to determine the correct sequence of machines and operations. Even the inspection of the finished product is automated.

In 2020, E.S. Tooling will relocate to a new building with an office space of 400m2, and a fully air-conditioned workfloor of 1,250m2, with even more opportunities for further automation. Since 2013, the investment frequency has accelerated. The machines become outdated after approximately 5-7 years, so every 5 years, almost twice the annual turnover is invested in new equipment.

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Driven by speed & service

E.S.Tooling is always at the top of his game in precision technology and innovation as a result of their flawless service and fast implementation.

  • Rapid processing of quotations
  • Quick delivery of your order confirmation with scheduled delivery time
  • Direct access to the relevant contact
  • Our own transport for collection and delivery of products + shipping by transport company
  • All information quickly available via our own ERP system
  • Separate conditioned measurement area.

Thanks to our service-oriented attitude and guaranteed reproducible quality, E.S. Tooling is able to take full responsibility for every part supplied. This is why we continue to enjoy the trust of our partners and customers.

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