About us


Who is ES Tooling?

ES Tooling manufactures mechanical precision components for the following industries: Automotive, Mould & Die, Medical, Aerospace and Optical. We strive for perfection to less than 5 µm, for reliable deliveries and for an open approach towards both clients and stakeholders. Because of its highly advanced innovation policy and its annual investment programme in super-technological machines, ES Tooling is one of the state-of-the-art companies in its sector in Europe. Since our 1996 start-up, we have won several awards, including the SME Champion of Flanders in 2004. While we were exploring new markets, we founded ES Healthcare in 2007 so we could also produce implant suprastructures (www.isus.be). This business model did not go unnoticed for long and in 2008 Dentsply took over ES Tooling and ES Healthcare. Erik Schildermans bought ES Tooling back from Dentsply in 2013, so that ES Tooling is again completely autonomous.

Innovation as the key to the future

ES Tooling is a company that is driven by innovation. Director Erik Schildermans’ business philosophy is that as a metal processing company you can only survive in Europe if you work at the forefront of technological innovation. You can then offer the added value that is so prized by clients even in a diminishing market. By continuously training employees they remain motivated and specialised, also thanks to our open business approach and future-oriented policy structure. We were the first company in the industry to introduce entirely automated piece production. This line runs 24 hours, 7 days a week, with the help of robot systems and production software.


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